Alive tiger prawn, at home.

Fresh, sustainable and picked up to you

We take the freshest sea taste at your home

Huelvamar offers you the best live shrimp at home, selected and packed by our experts the same day we send it.

From Huelva at your home.

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Much more than just shellfish

We guarantee the quality and freshness of your product from breeding to reception.


More than 15 years of family tradition bringing the unique taste from Huelva in every corner support the quality of our work.


Our packaging process guarantees the delivery of the live shrimp so you can enjoy its maximum flavor.


We are specialized in a single product. We raise and we get you the best live shrimp.


Our selective breeding processes avoid trawl nets and other invasive techniques common in extractive fishing. We watch over the marine ecosystem.

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Our processes

Our system of breeding, selection and delivery guarantees the quality and optimal conditions of your prawns.

We invite you to know how our live prawn sales service works.

How it works

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