How it works

We raise our prawns in a traditional and sustainable way.

Our best shrimp at home


We have been raising our prawns in a traditional and sustainable way for more than fifteen years.


We receive your order and select our best prawns hours before your reception.


Our system of packaging and shipping guarantees the reception of your product in optimum time and quality.

Breeding and production

Our tigers prawns from Huelva are made with traditional systems in an environment of high ecological value such as the mouth of the Guadiana, in Ayamonte. This exquisite product grows in natural extensions of seawater, the optimal environment for its growth. Their diet is based on animal feed produced in Spain with natural ingredients such as krill, squid and fish, as well as in native organisms of our riverbank, such as micro algae and small invertebrates.

Natural breeding, without any additives or preservatives.

An excellent product: fresh, tasty and healthy.

They are arriving at your home in perfect condition and alive.


We receive your order and select our best prawns a few hours before you receive them at your home.

Fishing using pot artisan technique.

This non-invasive fishing gear guarantees the quality of each piece.

We classify and package each tiger prawn individually.


Transportation is a fundamental phase in our processes: get your prawns at an optimal time and conditions thanks to our packaging specially designed to live prawn transport.

You will receive our product in less than 48 hours from when you make your order.

Buy now your alive prawn box

And recieve it at your home with all the guarantees of quality and freshness of Huelvamar.